The schedule for the upcoming 2022/23 season

The basketball season in Luxembourg is only 4 weeks away. The games in the LBBL will start on the weekend of September 24th.

In the women’s LBBL, the season will start with a rematch of the 2022 finals between Résidence and T71.

First game day in the women’s LBBL: (24.09)
Résidence – T71
Amicale – Gréngewald
Musel Pikes – Wiltz
Etzella – Contern
Sparta – Zolwer
Free: Basket Esch

In the men’s LBBL, champion Amicale will host promoted team Gréngewald Hueschtert on the first game day.

First game day in the men’s LBBL: (24.09)
Amicale – Gréngewald
Arantia – Basket Esch
Résidence – Heffingen
Etzella – Contern
Musel Pikes – T71
Sparta – Zolwer

You can see the full scheduled (LBBL women and men, National 2 women and men, National 3 men) below:

Par FLBB , le 09/09/2022 à 10:46