The schedule for the upcoming 2023/24 season

The basketball season in Luxembourg will start in September. The games in the LBBL will start on the weekend of September 23rd.

In the women’s LBBL, champion Gréngewald Hueschtert is free on the first game day.

First game day in the women’s LBBL
Basket Esch – Amicale Steinsel
T71 Dudelange – Les Sangliers Wiltz
Musel Pikes – Sparta Bertrange
AS Zolwer – AB Contern

In the men’s LBBL, a finals rematch is scheduled between champion Basket Esch and vice-champion Amicale Steinsel.

First game day in the men’s LBBL
Basket Esch – Amicale Steinsel
T71 Dudelange – Arantia Larochette
Musel Pikes – Gréngewald Hueschtert
Mambra Mamer – Kordall Steelers
AB Contern – Sparta Bertrange
Résidence Walfer – Etzella Ettelbruck

You can see the full scheduled (LBBL women and men, National 2 women and men, National 3 men) below:

The schedule was made by the system « FLBB scheduler » by Pit Schneider.

Par FLBB , le 19/08/2023 à 21:36