The team rosters for the GSSE

The games of the small States of Europe in Malta are only a few days away. Here are the rosters of our 5vs5 and 3X3 national teams for the event:

Women (5vs5):
Charlie Bidinger
Amanda Cahill
Kyra Coulon
Faith Ehi Etute
Mandy Geniets
Liz Irthum
Magaly Meynadier
Jo Oly
Anne Simon
Esmeralda Skrijelj
Julija Vujakovic
Cathrin Wolff

Head coach: Mariusz Dziurdzia

Men (5vs5):
Clancy Rugg
Oliver Vujakovic
Xavier Robert-Francois
Joé Kalmes
Mihailo Andjelkovic
Thomas Grün
Ivan Delgado
Malcolm Kreps
Lou Demuth
Philippe Gutenkauf
Alex Laurent
Derek Wilson Jr

Note: Ben Kovac plays the league finals in Slovakia and is therefore not available.

Head coach: Ken Diederich

Additional team staff: Laure Diederich, Tessy Hetting, Pit Rodenbourg, Denis Toroman, Marcel Wilbert

Women (3X3):
Lisa Jablonowski
Nadia Mossong
Cathy Schmit
Bridget Yoerger

Head coach: Vincent Gevrey

Men (3X3):
Sam Ferreira
Christophe Laures
Scott Morton
Victor Stein

Head coach: Vincent Gevrey
Additional team staff: Fernando Bethencourt, Chris Dentzer

Next to the teams, Cathy Donckel and Michail Vanglovskij will represent Luxembourg as referees at the 3X3 event.
Julien Malané and Lynn Weiwers will represent Luxembourg at the 5vs5 event.

Par FLBB , le 25/05/2023 à 09:34