The women’s play-down starts on Saturday

In the women’s play-down, 3 teams from the LBBL (Etzella, Zolwer, Wiltz) will play against 2 teams from the National 2 (Black Star, Telstar). The points are set to zero so that all teams start at the same position.

Only 2 out the 5 teams will play in the women’s LBBL in the upcoming season! Etzella had more points (25) than Zolwer (22) and Wiltz (22) after the women’s regular season but these points are irrelevant in this new round. Every game will be important in order to avoid relegation for the 3 clubs. It will be interesting to see if the teams from the second league will have the ability to challenge the LBBL teams. Black Star was the strongest team in the second league and also won the cup FLBB.

All teams will meet each other twice so that a total of 8 game days are scheduled over the next weeks.

The program this weekend (game day 1)
17:00 Les Sangliers Wiltz – Black Star Mersch
16:00 AS Zolwer – Telstar Hesper

Par FLBB , le 21/03/2023 à 20:51