Thrilling play-off-finish ahead: Etzella, Esch or Amicale: Who qualifies when?

In the women’s Total League, the final game-day will bring the decision which 6 teams compete in the play-offs, 2 spots are still available, 3 teams want to earn them!

As the only team in the league, Résidence Walfer has finished the 16 games and will take a look at the last game-day from home, they have clinched the 3rd place in the standings. The team from Walferdange knows that they will enter a « do-or-die » game at home … but they do not know their opponent yet! T71 (1st) and the Musel Pikes (2nd) are already qualified for the semi-finals.

BBC Gréngewald Hueschtert will definitely finish the season at 4th place. Just like Résidence, they will enter a « do-or-die » at home but they do not know what team they will face.

All games will be played this Saturday!
16:00: Gréngewald – T71
18:00: Contern – Etzella
18:00: Sparta – Musel Pikes
18:30: Amicale – Basket Esch

Who qualifies when?

The last 2 spots in the play-offs will be decided between Etzella, Esch and Amicale! All 3 teams have the same record going into the last game (6 wins, 9 losses). What makes the decision even more thrilling is the fact that Amicale and Basket Esch will meet head-to-head! This also means that there is no possible 3-team-tie at the end of the season. Etzella has the easiest challenge of the 3 teams as they play in Contern. Therefore Etzella has very good chances of making the play-offs, they need a win. The direct comparisons could also become a big factor …

Who qualifies when?
–> Etzella qualifies for the play-offs with a win in Contern, they need to win the game! If they lose, they miss the play-offs because they lost the direct comparison against Esch and Amicale.
–> Amicale qualifies for the play-offs with a win against Esch.
–> Esch qualifies for the play-offs with a win over Amicale.
–> Both Amicale and Basket Esch will qualify if Etzella loses.

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This Wednesday, one game will be played in the men’s championship, Basket Esch will host the Musel Pikes at 19:30. While Esch wants to finish as a top 2 seed, the Pikes want to make a push to reach the play-offs.

Par FLBB , le 28/04/2021 à 04:16