BaWü exchange in Mersch (results, highlights and pictures)

Our U14 girls and boys will play the BaWü (Baden Württemberg) exchange in Luxembourg (Mersch, EIMAB gym) from October 31st until November 2nd.

Roster (girls)
ADROVIC Ajila, Basket Esch
AGOVIC Lena, T71 Dudelange
BEFFORT NEUMAN Marie, T71 Dudelange
BIRNBAUM Estelle, Basket Esch
BRAUN SILVA Julie, Avanti Mondorf
CLAUSI Lana, BC Mess
DOS SANTOS Jana, T71 Dudelange
FERRON Kim, Basket Esch
FREITAS Zoé, Musel Pikes
GLODEN Marie, Musel Pikes
HATIM Ghalia, T71 Dudelange
HEYNEN Coralie, Musel Pikes
RASOLOFO Chiara, Sparta Bertrange
SCHANCK Kyra, Amicale Steinsel

Head Coach: Rumen GALABOV
Assistant Coach: Irina MAZJOUKHINA

Roster (boys)
BOISCLAIR Vincent-Isamu, Sparta Bertrange
DONDELINGER Finn, T71 Dudelange
EL BASRI Jaden, Musel Pikes
GEVERY Maël, Basket Esch
GRILO DOMINGOS SANCHES Martim, Etzella Ettelbruck
GÖHLHAUSEN Mike, Black Star Mersch
HOFFMANN Emile, Les Sangliers Wiltz
KOEV Krassen, Résidence Walferdange
LAHURE Nik, AS Soleuvre
SCHARTZ Max, T71 Dudelange
SCHOCK Ben, Etzella Ettelbruck
SCHOCK Gilles, Etzella Ettelbruck
WALLERS Nick, Racing Luxembourg
WIRION Tunn, T71 Dudelange

Head Coach: Christophe TOUSSAINT
Assistant Coach: Mike BASEGGIO

The girls and boys will play 3 games against the opponent from Germany over 3 days:

15h30 Game 1 – U14 Girls VS BaWü 56:59
17h30 Game 1 – U14 Boys VS BaWü 64:74

14h00 Game 2 – U14 Boys VS BaWü 57:80
16h00 Game 2 – U14 Girls VS BaWü 95:53

10h00 Game 3 – U14 Girls VS BaWü 68:58
10h00 Game 3 – U14 Boys VS BaWü 49:83

Recap girls (coaching staff)
„From October 31 to November 2, our girls National Team U14 played 3 games against Ba Wü. It was the first international game for our girls, so there was a little bit of excitement and a little bit of physical difference. We lost the first game with the score 56:59. In the second game the girls showed a very fast, collective game, fought in defense and won with the score 95:53. And in the last game, our opponents started with a very aggressive defense, which helped them to get ahead, and we were losing the first half. In the second half, the girls struggled with hard defense and fast breaks managed to get ahead and win the game with the score 68:58.“

Recap boys (coaching staff)
„In this year’s BaWü Exchange we played three games against the team from Bawü. It was a valuable learning experience for our young players. One of the main difficulties we encountered was dealing with the intense pressure from the opposing team, something we’re not accustomed to. This pressure led to many mistakes on our part, which were promptly capitalized on by the opposing team.

However, these games served as a great opportunity for us to gain exposure to a higher level of competition. It’s a valuable lesson and a chance for our players to grow and find out what they need to work on to make it to the next level.

We will have until December to improve and get better before facing them again at the 5 regions tournament in Berlin. We would like to thank the EIMAB and the boarding school for their hospitality.“

Pictures by Ant Deister:

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