U16 team finished EGBL in Ryga tournament with one win and four losses.

It was a good experience and very good lesson to play against strong teams that mostly played press
and zone defense.
EGBL tournaments give us a chance to see how much we do have to improve playing against full court press defense.

The U16 girls will have the last “EGBL“ tournament from 27.02 – 1.03 in Latvia .
Best player of Luxembourg was Leticia Schumacher.

Last 3 games for Luxembourg played :
Quintus M. -/-/-
Schmitz S. 13/8(2×3)/9(1)
Glanclaude E. -/-/-
Mores E. -/-/-
Thill E. -/-/-
Coulon K. 5/10(2)/11(2)
Burgund R. 3/8/2
Mac Hanson R. -/-/2
Schumacher L. 9(1)/4(1)/8(2)
Graglia K. -/-/-
Etute E. 7(10Rb)/5(10Rb)/8(11Rb)
Krampe S. 4/-/-

Text and picture by the coaching-staff.
Par FLBB , le 16/01/2020 à 17:19