U18 boys finish European Championship in 4th place

Our U18 boys have finished the European Championship (Division C) in 4th place. On Sunday, the team of coach Thierry Kremer lost the game for 3rd place against Moldova, the final score was 68:76.

Luxembourg started the game well and led 27:11 after the first quarter, but Moldova turned the game around in the second half, especially in the fourth quarter when the opponent of the FLBB squad scored 29 points compared to only 12 by Luxembourg.

Bob Rech led Luxembourg with 24 points in this game, take a look at the game stats here –> game stats Moldova – Luxembourg

All results of our team:
Saturday: Luxembourg – Gibraltar 67:48

Sunday: Luxembourg – San Marino 67:53

Monday: Luxembourg – Andorra 55:38

Wednesday: Luxembourg – Monaco 60:79

Saturday: Semi final: Luxembourg – Cyprus 63:70

Sunday: Game for 3rd place: Luxembourg – Moldova 68:76

–> Luxembourg finishes the tournament in 4th place.

Par FLBB , le 06/08/2023 à 17:27