Women practice together over the summer

In order to prepare the next FIBA Window, which takes place in November, the Senior Women National Team will meet for several practice sessions and a stage in Namur with 2 friendly games vs the U20 Belgium National Team selection.

Coach Dziurdzia and Coach Altmann are happy to have most players available for the practice sessions from the 16th to the 26th of June, as the club seasons are done and our National Team players competing abroad are also back in Luxemburg.

It is still uncertain, if all players studying in the US will be able to return in November, when Team Luxemburg will face Slovakia and Switzerland in the FIBA Women EuroBasket 2023 Qualifiers.

For the stage now in June, players Nadia Mossong and Magaly Meynadier will only be able to watch from the sidelines as they are still recovering from injuries. Furthermore, Julija Vujakovic, Michelle Dittgen and Sofie Olsen are not available at this stage.


Baum Joy (Gréngewald Hueschtert)
Bidinger Charlie (Musel Pikes)
Dittgen Michelle (T71 Dudelange)
Etute Ehi (T71 Dudelange)
Geniets Mandy (T71 Dudelange)
Irthum Laurie (USC Heidelberg (D)
Irthum Liz (AB Contern)
Jablonowski Lisa
Meynadier Magaly (Saarlouis Royals)
Mossong Nadia (T71 Dudelange)
Mreches Catherine (T71 Dudelange)
Muller Estelle (Jan München (G)
Nurenberg Svenia (Cambell University (USA)
Olsen Sofie (Dyouville Saints University (USA)
Oly Jo (Houston Baptist University (USA)
Simon Anne (Maine University (USA)
Schumacher Laetitia (Amicale Steinsel)
Skrijeli Esmeralda (Amicale Steinsel)
Wolff Cathrin (Gréngeweald Hueschtert)
Vujakovic Julija (Houston Baptist University (USA)

Head Coach: Mariusz Dziurdzia

Assistant Coach: Jérôme Altmann

Kiné: Hanna Stephan

Par FLBB , le 17/06/2022 à 17:33