Women’s stats leaders – Amanda Cahill and Cathy Schmit lead the scoring lists

Basketball in Luxembourg is currently on a break until January 2021. This gives us time to look at the stats of the 2020/21 season.

In the women’s Total League, most teams have played 5 games. After these games, the leaders in the scoring category are Cathy Schmit (15 points per game, for JICL players) and Amanda Cahill (28.4 points per game, for professional players).

When it comes to rebounding, Alex Louin (15.7 boards per game) leads the league while Esmeralda Skrijelj grabs 10 rebounds per game and leads the JICL-competition in this category once again.

Samantha Logic (7.4 assists per game) is the best passer of the league while Catherine Mreches (4.7 assists per games) leads the JICL-players in passing.

In the « MVP » category (evaluation stat), Amanda Cahill is currently leading the league while Lisy Hetting is the leader in the JICL-category in this category.

Under „top performances », you can find all stats leaders from this season in all categories –> top_performers

Par FLBB , le 01/11/2020 à 22:09