6 things that stand out about the men’s off-season

Plenty of changes were made in the men’s Total league for the upcoming season. Let’s take a look at the 6 things that stand out.

17 new professional players
Out of 24 total professional players, 17 are new in their team (see the full overview below).

8 out of 12 coaches stay with their team
A total of 8 coaches will continue to be the head-coach to start the season 2021/22.

Fewest changes
Arantia (picture) has kept coach Christophe Ney as well as both professional players (Johnson and Sturdivant). Telstar also kept its coach Gabor Boros and professional players (Foster and Jeffersson) but they played last season without professional players. every other club has at least one or two new professional player(s) and/or a new coach.

The Champion rebuilds
T71 has won the championship last season in the last season with Tom Schumacher and Frank Muller. 4 months later, the team will look completely different. A new coach, 2 new professional players and multiple additions of JICL-players (Philippe Arendt/Sparta – Joe Kalmes/Musel Pikes – Christopher Jack/Bascharage) have changed the team. Despite the departures of their key players, T71 still looks strong on paper.

Luxembourgish coaches
Another interesting is the number of luxembourgish coaches. 4 coaches (Ney/Larochette, Dias/Racing, Kreps/Walfer and Wulff/Sparta) are head-coaches in the Total League. 2 of them (Dias and Wulff) are new with the team. 2 luxembourgish coaches from last season (Pit Rodenbourg/Racing and Ken Diederich/T71) are not coaching in the Total League next season.

Plenty of players retire
Jairo Delgado (Etzella), Tom Schumacher, Frank Muller, Ben Hurt (T71), Pitt Koster (Sparta), Eric Kesseler (Esch), Joel Thesen (Heffingen), Luc Kirpach and Pedro Nunes (Arantia), Raul Birenbaum (Contern), Chris Dentzer (Musel Pikes) and Xavier Engel, Mathieu Gillardin, Chris Scholtes (Racing) retire, plenty of them have played a key role for many years.

Overview of all player and coaching changes –> Overview of all off-season changes in the men’s Total League (team by team)

Par FLBB , le 27/08/2021 à 21:00