Youth Cup Finals 2022 on May 14th and 15th

The youth cup finals will be played on May 14th and 15th in the Coque in Kirchberg, the entry is free!

The program for Saturday:
14:00 Coupe Filles Scolaires
Sparta – T71

16:00 Coupe Filletes
Gréngewald – T71

17:45 Coupe Cadettes
Gréngewald – T71

The program for Sunday:
14:15 Coupe Minis
Arantia – Etzella

16:00 Coupe Scolaires
Arantia – Amicale

18:00 Coupe Cadets
Sparta – Amicale

Par FLBB , le 12/05/2022 à 14:14