3X3 – What is in it for me?

As more and more 3×3 events are popping up in Luxembourg, members of our basketball family might wonder what the advantages of this additional discipline are and what benefits they might get out of participating in or organizing such tournaments. They might ask themselves: 3×3 sounds nice, but what’s in it for me?

For this reason, the short overview below will highlight a few interesting points to consider for the main stakeholders involved in basketball: players, coaches, clubs, referees and sponsors.

• Fun, exciting & fast-paced game
• Every player is involved on offense
• More touches, shots, handling the ball, etc. for all players
• More space to dribble, drive, attack, pass, cut, move, etc.
• More playing time for each of the players on the team
• Additional competitions on national level next to the regular championships
• Possibility to sign up for tournaments anywhere in the world through the FIBA online platform https://play.fiba3x3.com/events
• Collect points for the FIBA 3×3 Individual World Ranking https://fiba3x3.com/en/rankings/individual.html
and the FIBA 3×3 Federation Ranking
by creating an online profile https://play.fiba3x3.com/signup
and competing in FIBA-endorsed tournaments on national and international level
• Collect Prizes or Prize Money by winning tournaments
• Flexibility when assembling teams (you can play with anyone)
• Flexibility when participating in a tournament (you choose when and where you play)
• Possibility to become a member of 3×3 Luxembourg National Team

• 3×3 can be used as a skill development tool especially for youth basketball
• Great teaching tool for basic 5vs5 movements and the fundamentals of the game: Pick & roll, give & go, screen away, etc.
• Environment that fosters individual responsibility on offense and on defense
• Environment that fosters increased communication
• New opportunities for coaches wanting to specialize in this discipline
• Possibility to become a 3×3 Luxembourg National Team Coach

• Easy to organize tournaments & events (minimum 4 teams) indoor or outdoor
• Free tools by FIBA for organization, scheduling, reporting and publishing of event (FIBA online platform & FIBA Event Maker)
• Attracting a new audience to the game of basketball by organizing outdoor tournaments for example in city centers (bringing basketball to the people)
• Create additional revenue through registration fees, food and beverages, etc.

• New opportunities for both aspiring and experienced referees at national as well as international level
• Possibility of dual career (3×3 & 5vs5 referee)
• Different 3×3 Licenses: 3×3 FLBB National License, FIBA 3×3 C-License, FIBA 3×3 B-License, FIBA 3×3 A-License
• Additional revenue

• Additional visibility through 3×3 competitions
• Visibility outside of the regular gym setting through outside tournaments, tournaments in city centers, iconic locations, etc.

Pictures: Albert Krier and Ant Deister

Par FLBB , le 04/01/2022 à 12:24