Coach Diederich announces final roster, all players tested negative

Our national team is getting ready for their games next Thursday and Saturday in Bratislava. The results of the second of three Covid-tests came back negative for all players so that the team can start its way to Bratislava on Monday.

After 15 players were on the previous roster, the final roster has now been announced by coach Diederich: Xavier Robert-Francois and Malcolm Kreps will not travel to the games with the team.

The final roster:

Ben Kovac (Den Helder Suns, Netherlands)
Thomas_Grün (Gladiators Trier, Germany)
Ivan Delgado (Etzella Ettelbruck)
Philippe Gutenkauf (Etzella Ettelbruck)
Joe Kalmes (Musel Pikes)
Alex Laurent (Klosterneuburg, Austria)
Kevin Moura (T71 Dudelange)
Oliver Vujakovic (Tirol, Austria)
Yann Wolff (Etzella Ettelbruck)
Max Schmit (Heffingen)
Clancy Rugg (Basket Esch)
Mike Feipel (Sparta Bertrange)
Gaetan Bernimont (Racing Luxembourg)

Head coach: Ken Diederich
Assistant coach: Denis Toroman
Team manager / scouting: Pit Rodenbourg
Kiné: Yves De Waha
Team doctor: Leopold Tondeur

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Par FLBB , le 22/11/2020 à 19:18