Lisa Jablonowsi is feeling more and more comfortable in Italy

Lisa Jablonowski started her professional career this summer by going to Italy to play for Basket Costa Masnaga, a team from the first Italien league, a very high level for European women basketball.

Her team has started the season with a balanced 3:3 record. „We are satisfied with our start into the season and with the way we play. Our 3:3 record gives us a good position and we have definitely won some games that we were not expected to win. Depsite some injuries or players missing because of an illness, we have grown together as a team and the atmosphere in our team is good“, says Lisa Jablonowski, who had a very good game last week with 21 points, 9 rebounds, 4 assists and 4 steals in a win. „Personally, I am satisfied with the way I have playing until now and I feel more and more comfortable and my role is constantly growing in our team.“

Right now, Jablonowski is having a little break as her team will play its next game on the 22th of November.

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Par FLBB , le 09/11/2020 à 21:31