Women’s JICL MVP race presented by LALUX (3rd edition)

It is time again to take a look at the women’s JICL MVP race presented by Lalux. It is the 3rd edition for this season. Nadia Mossong has entered the top 5 in the newest edition.

1. Cathy Schmit (Musel Pikes)
Cathy Schmit’s basketball game means consistency. She has been playing at a very high level for years and is still doing it in the 2020/21 season. If she continues to play on this level, she is the clear favorite to win this title, especially if the Pikes keep being on top of the standings.

2. Catherine Mreches (T71)
T71 is one of the top teams in the league and Catherine Mreches is playing very consistent. The young player can definitely eye the first place in this MVP-race over the next weeks.

3. Esmeralda Skrijelj (Amicale)
Esmeralda’s is a double-double machine. Her double digits rebounds average shows that she is having a big impact on the game.

4. Lisy Hetting (Gréngewald)
Lisy has been the dirving force for Gréngewald this season. After the addition of Meynadier, it will be interesting to see how her role in the team will change.

5. Nadia Mossong (T71)
After her professional career ended a few months ago, Mossong returned to the Total League and now enters the MVP-race top 5 for the first time this season. Her all-around game will become a huge factor in the title-race.

Par FLBB , le 08/04/2021 à 23:55