LBBL weekend preview (game day 5)

This weekend, the 5th game day in the women’s and men’s LBBL is scheduled. After the cup games during the week, the focus will be on the championship once again.

In the women’s league, the unbeaten leader T71 faces Résidence in the finals-rematch of 2020/21, clearly the game of the week. The team from Walferdange will try to hand Dudelange their first loss of the season.
Amicale is still winless this season. Led by JICL MVP candidate Esmeralda Skrijelj, the team is trying to grab a win in the North against Wiltz, a promoted team that has won 1 out 3 games so far.
Etzella has shown progress last weekend in a loss against Gréngewald and the team is looking to start winning games. Their home game against Basket Esch, a team with a balanced 2:2 record, might be a chance to grab a victory on a good night. After this game, the next round of the cup games will be drawn.
Gréngewald (3:1) will host AB Contern (2:2) in a game where the role of the favorite belongs to the hosts but they know Contern can be a dangerous opponent. The Musel Pikes (3:1) are the clear favorite to grab a win against Sparta (1:3). Their strong JICL duo Schmit/Bidinger is currently pacing the team.

JICL MVP race in the women’s LBBL –> Women’s JICL MVP RACE presented by Lalux

In the men’s LBBL the top game will be played on Sunday between Etzella (3:1) and the unbeaten leader Basket Esch (4:0). The second unbeaten team of the season, Heffingen (4:0), will host Contern (1:3) as the team of coach Daniel Brandao will try to stay unbeaten and continue a perfect start into the season. Contern already faces a little bit of pressure and their next 2 opponents on the double game day will be Résidence and Sparta, 3 difficult challenges over the next 8 days for the play-off team of last season.
Amicale Steinsel is still looking for a first win of the season. After racing past N3-team East Side Pirates during the week in the cup competition, the game in Bertrange will be a very difficult challenge for the tam of coach Etienne Louvrier. Sparta is playing well and will try to continue the winning streak. The Musel Pikes are clearly in a difficult situation at the moment. They just escaped with a win in the cup against N3-team Schieren during the week and now the unbeaten team is playing on the road in Larochette. Arantia wants to end a 2-game losing streak and enters this game as the favorite. Racing and T71 will meet in a game between two two teams that are tied in the standings with the same record (1:3). Résidence (3:1) will try to improve its record against a surprising team from Hesperange that enters the game with momentum after its cup win against Racing during the week.

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