Wat mécht eigentlech d`Christine Fisher?

The next player in the category « Wat mécht eigentlech …? » is Christine Fisher. She played in Luxembourg for many years and also played for the national team.

Where are you at the moment and what role does basketball play in your life currently?
I live in Maryland in the US with my husband, step-daughter and infant son. I still love to watch college basketball and I love to give back to the game by teaching younger kids how to play. I hope to teach my son one day.

Do you still watch/follow games from basketball in Luxembourg?
I try to stay updated and check in from time to time, but I haven’t been able to follow consistently for a couple years.

Do you follow international basketball? If yes, what league(s)?
Not really, no.

What are your best memories about your time in Luxembourg?
The friendships I made. Winning was fun too but the best memories were by far the friendships I made. I’m still in touch with some people to this day.

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